Who We Are

Jubilee is a Christian creation care organisation.

We define creation care as environmental and agricultural stewardship
that incorporates flourishing, fairness, wellbeing and welfare.

This is reflected in our creation care model:

Who we are is a Christian care organization. This images shows our model.

As a Community Benefit Society

we are a cooperative enterprise working for the benefit of both a geographical community of all backgrounds and beliefs, the town of Larne and surrounding area, and a community of interest, the Christian church. All our profits enable us to pursue our vision and mission, based on our values.

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Our vision is a world where local churches and communities care for creation to the glory of God.


Our mission is to practice and promote care farming, community-supported agriculture (CSA), and conservation education and engagement, in a manner which inspires change within local churches and communities to care for creation.


Our environmental and agricultural work reflects the principles of unity, flourishing, understanding, love and Christ-centredness, which are fundamental to the faith of the Christian church.


The founders and directors of Jubilee Community Benefit Society.

Noreen Christian OP


Aaron Hanson


Dr Jonny Hanson

Managing Director

Dr. Jeni McAughey


John Martin


Rebecca Stevenson


Dr Ethel White


Matt Williams


John O’Mahony


Contact us

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Header, vision and values images courtesy of Brooke McAllister / A Rocha Canada. Mission image courtesy of Maurice Schutgens.