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Jubilee is a Christian creation care organisation

Jubilee practices and promotes care farming, community-supported agriculture (CSA), and conservation education and engagement.

Volunteer, relax, and learn at Northern Ireland’s first community-owned farm.

Jubilee Farm is open. We are now taking bookings for group tours and volunteers are welcome Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Our farm was officially opened in 2019 with our first Bioblitz Festival of Science and Nature, as we surveyed and celebrated the diversity of life at Northern Ireland’s first community-owned farm with science, music, food, walks, talks, and a nature-friendly farmers market. The video below shows just some of that day’s glory and introduces our goats, pigs, and biodiversity.

Since then, Jubilee has continued to grow. We now have geese, goats, pigs, and turkeys, and run programmes rooted in the hope of getting our food on your plate, growing community, and teaching about the environment, agriculture, and theology.

The most productive economy on planet Earth is planet Earth. Through its ecosystems services it provides everything needed for life, for any activity, be it cultural, social or economic.

Dr Jonny Hanson from Jubilee (0:44 & 14:24)

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Together we are stewarding and looking after our farm, Northern Ireland’s first community owned farm, but also thinking beyond that to stewarding and conserving this wonderful province that we call home and this wonderful planet which is our one and only home.

Dr Jonny Hanson from Jubilee

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It’s about putting culture back into agriculture and our CARE farming clients have been a part of every stage of that journey.

Dr Jonny Hanson from Jubilee

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I heard about this vision of Jubilee that in many ways is based on Colossians 1 which is talking about Christ reconciling to himself all things and that is what lies at the heart of Jubilee.

Matthew Williams from Jubilee

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This video clip was taken at our previous farm site. Some of our new site can be seen in the video above about our CARE project.

Your kingdom come, your will be done…But what does it mean for the Kingdom of God to come? It means starting with the King…

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The CSA model is basically where the consumers share the risk and rewards of farming with the producer. Therefore, for small scale farmers, it’s a way to make farming more viable because they have a reliable customer base. For customers, the benefits are fresh local produce, learning about farming and sustainability, and also the social benefits of being part of the community.

Shorts: Jubilee Farm CSA Ambassadors

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