Church Partnership Programme

We’ve launched a pilot church partnership programme, giving churches the opportunity to establish and deepen their capacity to care for creation, both locally and globally. We will work initially with a small number of partner churches, helping them to assess their role in and commitment to this key area of mission and discipleship. This will include exploring how Jubilee can assist them in doing so, such as developing a creation care strategy or activity programme.

Matt Williams, Jubilee Director and theologian, will explore these questions with the partner churches in Summer 2020 as part of his church partnerships and creation care feasibility study. This extensive study will explore and assess our church partnership plans with congregations, denominations and para-church organisations, especially re: the provision of creation care teaching and training with and for the churches of Ireland.

Jubilee's pilot church partnership programme has been launched and we're excited to see what God does with it. Image of kids interacting with creation.
Families enjoying our Bioblitz Festival & Official Opening in June 2019

Initially, becoming part of our church partnership programme will include:

  • Receiving our creation care digest email 5 times per year (February, April, June, September & November), providing creation care blogs/articles and prayer points for churches, as well as updates on our work in this area.
  • Receiving our monthly farm newsletter email, providing news, events and updates from Jubilee Farm.
  • An invitation for the church leader(s) to attend our annual clergy breakfast and farm walk (scheduled for 19th June in 2020).
  • A visit for the church to or from Jubilee Farm, during which we can either speak on creation care at a church service, or men’s/women’s/youth/kids’ group meeting, or host a group for a guided farm tour (maximum group size for farm visit is currently 30).
  • Opportunities to attend and participate in other Jubilee Farm events, including our community volunteer days (free to attend) or bespoke guided tours/workshops/talks/courses (additional charges may apply).

One specific way in which churches could get involved in creation care is to contribute financially to Jubilee Farm. We would very much welcome a financial partnership to help make our pioneering work in creation care sustainable. For example, if ten churches were to give £1,000 each on average, this would make a significant contribution towards marketing our build-a-barn community share offer, building our greenhouse, and ongoing book-keeping and administration costs in the coming year.

Please feel free to contact us directly if you have further questions or queries. You can download a copy of our Church Partnership Proposal to share with your church leader(s) here.

Jubilee's pilot church partnership programme has been launched and we're excited to see what God does with it.
A celebration service at Jubilee Farm