High quality, chemical free (grown to organic standards but not certified as organic) vegetables from Jubilee Farm, Northern Ireland’s first community-owned farm! Join our seasonal vegbox scheme with multiple collection points or buy seasonal vegetables direct from the farm on Fridays. Here’s how it works:

  1. After a successful pilot year with 18 households for 25 weeks in 2019, we’ll be running an expanded vegbox scheme for 30 households for 30 weeks in 2020, from June to Christmas.
  2. We sell our vegboxes via a Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) scheme, meaning you sign up for the whole season, receiving either weekly or bi-weekly vegboxes (for more information on how our pilot vegbox CSA ran in 2019, read our FAQs here – we’ll be updating these soon for the 2020 season).
  3. A small vegbox subscription with 6 items per box costs £240 (£120 bi-weekly), a medium vegbox subscription with 8 items per box costs £300 (£150 bi-weekly), and a large vegbox subscription with 10 items per box costs £360 (£180 bi-weekly). These can be paid for in 1 – 6 installments.
  4. Vegboxes can be collected from Jubilee Farm on Thursday or Fridays, or from one of our other collection points on Thursdays or Fridays in Whitehead, Greenisland or Ballygally.
  5. Alternatively, if you don’t want to commit to a full vegbox CSA subscription, you can buy individual items from Jubilee Farm every Friday, as part of Veggie Fridays (cash only). Please note we have limited quantities available currently for gate sales but this will increase after the hungry gap, ie from May/June onwards.
Vegbox veg already growing for our 2020 season.
The first veggie seedilings of 2020 at Jubilee Farm

Through the first Community-Supported Agriculture scheme in Northern Ireland, we believe that we are ‘putting the culture back into agriculture’ (to quote ourselves), and we’d love to have your custom and support in doing so.

To register for your seasonal vegbox CSA subscription, or if you have further questions or queries, please send us an email to mail[@] or via the contact form on our website.

Vegbox winter salad veg growing in one of the polytunnels at Jubilee Farm.
Winter salad veg growing in one of the polytunnels at Jubilee Farm