Why Donate?

Growing food. Growing community. Growing conservation.

At Jubilee Farm, Northern Ireland’s first community-owned farm, we run a community-supported agriculture (CSA) scheme with the aim of involving as many people as possible, from all walks of life, in nature and farming. We focus on empowering with new skills, knowledge, and community.

We want to help connect people with their environment, food, and each other.

Our vision is to continue to establish and grow. As we do so, we need your support to make our vision become reality.

Whether you donate monthly or give a one-time gift, you are helping to build community and provide the equipment and support that is needed to deliver our services for people and nature.

We accept donations via credit card or PayPal at the link below, or via cheque mailed to our office.

We are a registered non-profit society, but aren’t a registered charity. As such we are not able to provide tax receipts or claim gift aid.

Last year, with support from people like you...

150 volunteers got outside and enjoyed helping on the farm

18 families received our weekly vegboxes

15 adults with learning difficulties were supported by our care farming sessions

5 refugees asylum seekers benefited from our care farming sessions

Plant seeds of change. Donations of...

£5 will buy enough seeds for our care farming clients to sow during a session

£10 will buy a bag of organic feed for our hungry free-range pigs

£20 will buy the extra materials we need to nurture our crops each month

£50 will give a summer intern a stipend for a week

In 2018, Jubilee’s vision for its first 5 years was to:

Purchase Northern Ireland’s first community-owned farm

Be NI’s first CSA and be firmly established with a core group of 50 households feeling connected to the place and people who produce their food Become a certified organic farm

Create 5 new part- to full-time jobs while inspiring opportunities to develop and innovate within their own work and the wider community farm project

Involve 25 interns

Involve 50 care farming clients

Include 1000 visitors, 500 volunteers and 2000 school children, inspiring them with time spent visiting and working on a farm

Make presentations about Jubilee Farm to 1000 people

Have best environmental monitoring and management practices established at Jubilee Farm and see marketed improvements in its wild biodiversity

Create new wildlife habitats including woodland, hedges, ponds and wildflower meadows