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Jubilee Community Benefit Society (Jubilee Farm) is based in Glynn, Larne on a 13.5-acre space that is based on the ethos of Creation Care where in stewardship it is farming and conservation in partnership.  All aspects of Jubilee Farm are given the opportunity to flourish, including the people.

It is NI’s first community owned farm, developed under a share offer where 150 people bought into the idea and concept raising funds to buy the farm.  From there it has developed into a community centered place where everyone is welcome, equally.

There are many aspects to Jubilee Farm from its conservation plan, regenerative farming principles, to how it operates day to day.  It is chemical free, with a no dig approach and all animals are pasture-raised, organic-fed and cared for with a commitment to high welfare.

Farm operations rely on an agroecological approach and each person working, volunteering, or visiting the farm will get a chance to experience this. In action this produces a range of vegetables, pork and eggs that can be purchased at the farm.  With a variety of facilities and space there is a portfolio of farm tours, classes, workshops, and events that can be enjoyed or booked for community, education, learning, wellbeing, and skills development.

Tuesdays and the last Saturday of the month are open volunteering days as well as specific contributions from volunteer asylum seekers and refugees.  Fridays often see workshops and farm tours taking place with time for the team to meet.
Each Wednesday and Thursday Tim, the Farm Manager welcomes two different groups of three adults with additional needs though a contract with the Northern Health Trust and Rural Support.
Each individual enjoys the much-needed green space of Jubilee Farm, caring for animals, planting seeds, horticulture care and creating an environment that is welcoming to biodiversity.  Dedicated in all-weathers the 6 individuals attend weekly, it’s their farm on those days and they take on projects to develop and build on skills, confidence, and wellbeing.

Registered volunteers assist with Social Farming days & contribute to the community energy of the farm as well as the wellbeing of all involved in Social Farming Activities.

Social Farming is a service delivered by farmers as an innovative use of agriculture to promote therapy, rehabilitation, social inclusion, education, and social services in rural areas. There are multiple benefits from Social Farming for both the individuals involved and the rural economy.

We are a community benefit society, and we intend to grow on this, a non-profit organisation we are also a co-operative and social enterprise.


We are building our community as we are 7 YEARS OLD TODAY!!!

Jubilee Farm (Jubilee Community Benefit Society) knows what has developed well for the community so far & we are planning for the future. 
CLUB7 donation membership is phase 1 in our plans ahead. 
To help us plan financially, we need additional support from our community by you donating £7 a month (or an amount suitable to you). 
We can plan ahead more effectively and independently when we know that money is coming in to us on a regular basis.


1. Entered into a quarterly club draw to win either BREAKFAST (1 packet bacon, 1 packet sausages, 6 eggs) OR personal GUIDED FARM TOUR for group/family OR basket of VEGETABLES if in season.

2. CLUB7 MEMBER DISCOUNT of 7% on farm shop when purchasing £50+ worth of Jubilee Farm produce.

3. Pre-release PRIORITY BOOKING for events that are a paid ticketed event.

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Contact us via or call in to see us at the farm.

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