Our Food

The food we produce on the farm is to the highest welfare standards, whether it be chemical free, outdoor free-range, no dig or organic fed.

It is food security with sustainable, seasonal practices every day. 

Our ethos is guided by ‘creation care’ that is environmental & agricultural stewardship which incorporates fairness and flourishing, welfare & wellbeing, from the soil to the animals, to biodiversity, to what we grow, to the people that visit.

With care at the core, our food tastes delicious.

Jubilee Farm Vegetables

Seasonal, sustainable, no chemicals, no dig, freshly picked to enjoy plot to plate.

You can order a Veg Box subscription that secures a regular vegetable supply directly from the farm to your home from June to late November, either weekly or bi-weekly. Each box is £9 & typically containing between 6 to 9 items per box, depending on the season. (You can pay upfront or in instalments).

The vegetable box is available to collect at our farm gate in Larne on Thursdays after 2pm until the next day, Friday at 5pm or at a designated location in Whitehead.

From July to September, there may be additional vegetables for sale, where you can just call in & visit the barn to purchase vegetables that we may have in supply. We advertise this on social media. 

Our farm shop is open Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm.

Order your Vegetable Box subscription here:

Jubilee Farm Pork

Sustainable, no chemicals, outdoor raised, high welfare, free-range, organic fed, to enjoy field to fork.

You can purchase our pork via our online farm shop a click & collect service meaning you can order, pay then select a collection date & time from our farm in Larne.

Our pork products available are sausages, burgers, back bacon, streaky bacon, gammon bits, chops, pork mince, sausage meat.

You can pre-order a quarter pig several times in the year. 

Contact us on mail@jubilee.coop or phone Tim on 07858098479. 

A quarter pig costs £135 and typically weighs 13kg containing cuts such as 8 Loin Chops, 12 Sausages (GF), 3 Packs of Mince, 2 Bellies, 1 Shank, 1 Leg Roast, 2 Shoulders, 1 Fillet. Our Quarter pig pork packs weigh at least 13kg and take up 1 large or 2 small upright freezer drawers. (You can pay upfront or in instalments).

All of our pork products are gluten free.

Our pork maintains a high welfare dedication right through to packaging, where it is butchered & packaged with care by Ilse at Ballylagan Organic Farm.

We have Christmas pork hampers available that feature cocktail sausages and gammon joints of various sizes. 

Contact us on mail@jubilee.coop or phone Tim on 07858098479 to reserve a pork hamper or gammon joint in advance.

Jubilee Farm Eggs

From February to November, you can just call into our farm shop & purchase our pasture roaming, free-range eggs that we may have in supply, just when it suits you. 

We are open Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm.

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Book a Farm Visit

Jubilee Farm, Larne, the first community-owned farm in Northern Ireland! It is Community Supported Agriculture, full of community spirit so the food tastes great!

If you would like to get involved directly with how your food is grown you can book a visit, farm tour, workshop or volunteer with us regularly or on an adhoc basis.

You can experience our community supported agriculture in action, be a farmer for the day!

Activities may include:
Feeding, watering, handling, moving, cleaning out animals; sowing, planting, watering, weeding, harvesting, preparing, and packing vegetables; cleaning and site maintenance.

Contact us on mail@jubilee.coop or phone Tim on 07858098479

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