Wildlife and Wellbeing Project

We’re delighted to annouce that our ‘Wildlife and Wellbeing Project at Jubilee Farm’ has been funded by the National Heritage Lottery Fund. This £100,000 investment over 3 years will significantly expand the biodiversity conservation work at Jubilee Farm, the range of people and groups involved in this work, and the associated benefits for their social and mental wellbeing.

In summary, the project will:

  • Regenerate 1 woodland, 2 meadows and their surrounding hedgerows with conservation grazing & other heritage farming techniques.
  • Create 1 biodiversity volunteer group from the local community & local churches to monitor and manage the farm’s natural heritage, including training and equipping them.
  • Run 12 day courses on a) natural heritage management skills and b) natural heritage and wellbeing linkages.
  • Welcome local school and community groups for ‘Taster Tours’ to discover the farm’s natural heritage, and the links to wildlife and wellbeing.
  • Deliver natural heritage management activities with ethnic minority groups and involve them in restoring the natural heritage of Jubilee Farm over the duration of the project.
  • Create more and better access routes into and through the natural heritage at Jubilee Farm.

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