Community Volunteer days 2021

Get into the great outdoors with the third year of our community volunteer days! Enjoy taking part in farm tasks AND getting to know new people, in a safe and socially-distanced manner. Plus we’ll have seasonal organically-grown, chemical-free seasonal vegetables available to buy (cash only). Please note our community volunteer days 2021 are subject to…
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Complexity and stability

Jubilee’s Aaron Hanson continues his monthly blog on environmental and agricultural topics Humans, it is often said, cannot cope with complexity.  Various psychological studies apparently confirm and quantify the claim that we are only able to account for so many variables when totting up numbers in our heads, or to focus on so many things…
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Alternative Christmas Gifts 2020

Buy your loved ones a meaningful gift this Christmas and support the award-winning work of Northern Ireland’s first community-owned farm at the same time. Simply choose your gift(s) from the list below and send us an email to with your choices. We’ll send you an invoice for payment, followed by a gift card that…
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Economics as story-telling

I recently finished reading Doughnut Economics, an engaging book by Kate Raworth in which she sets out ‘Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st-Century Economist’.  Ms. Raworth clearly illustrates throughout that the underlying ideas or stories which we tell ourselves can exert a profound influence on how we think about ourselves and our world.  Hence,…
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To buy or not to buy

Jubilee’s Aaron Hanson continues his monthly blog on environmental and agricultural topics I love coffee a great deal; there are even some who would say I love it too much. Not so Juan, a hypothetical coffee farmer who, thanks to my coffee-drinking habit, is able to earn a living. But only sort of: in reality…
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Jubilee Farm's field of gold.

Community Farm Coordinator Role Advertisement

Reporting to: Managing Director   Hourly rate: £9.50 per hour  Hours of work: 21 per week (Tuesday, Thursday and Friday) until December 2020; from January 2021, 7 hours each week – the care farming element – is funding dependent.  Annual leave: 30 days per year pro rata  Start date: 1st October 2020  Organisation description: Formally established in…
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True Generosity

Jubilee Director and economist Aaron Hanson’s monthly blog on environmental and agricultural topics. Previous blog posts have emphasised the importance of imagining different ways of organising an economy: in particular, the idea that a high-cost economy may in significant ways improve on one where everything is cheap. Now imagination is all very well in principle.…
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Vegbox veggies and Jubilee Farm's pigs. Dinner time for not a high cost.

The High Cost of Low Prices

Jubilee Director and economist Aaron Hanson’s monthly blog. Last month’s blog post introduced a rather bleak trade-off between economic health and ecological health.  The gist was that we live in a world ‘in which everyone lives by persuading everyone else to buy things’,[1] and that the planet – and therefore, indirectly, humanity – sustains damage…
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Jubilee Director and economist Aaron Hanson on the economic, the recession and ecological impacts of Covid-19.

A Necessary Recession?

Jubilee Director and economist Aaron Hanson on the economic, the recession, and ecological impacts of Covid-19. It seems even the darkest clouds can have a silver lining. In recent years, air pollution in China has become such a severe problem that it has been responsible for the sacking of senior government officials to placate the…
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Accountable for Creation

Norman Hamilton shares his thoughts on taking seriously the call to care for God’s creation, being accountable for creation. David Attenborough; Greta Thunberg; Extinction Rebellion.  Along with other groups and agencies, they are rarely out of the news as they campaign for more action both by government and ordinary people to halt what they see…
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