Free Range 1/4 Pig Club Pre-Order Early 2024


Pig Club 16 Pre-Order
Gluten Free. Frozen
Our pasture-raised, outdoor , organically-fed pigs are raised to a high welfare standard.

**Pig Club 16 is now open for orders, available January 2024**

This £1 pre-order is to facilitate your booking of a quarter pig.  Payment and collection will be arranged via email.

High welfare pork from Jubilee Farm, Larne. Northern Ireland’s 1st community-owned farm!

  1. Pig Club Membership is £135 for your own ¼ Pig for your freezer. Buy now or email to arrange order & payment by up to 4 instalments.
  2. A ¼ Pig for the freezer is comprised very tasty  cuts from our hand reared pigs.
  3. On average your pack comprises of 8 Loin Chops, 12 Sausages, 3 Packs of Mince, 2 Bellies, 1 Shank, 1 Leg Roast, 2 Shoulders, 1 Fillet.
  4. Our ¼ Pig pork packs weigh on average 13kg (taking up 1 large or 2 small upright freezer drawers).
  5. Our adult pigs & offspring are an outdoor herd of pigs who enjoy mud wallows, rooting in spacious paddocks, and receive the highest standard of free-range care. They are fed a hearty diet of organic cereals from the island of Ireland, pulses, & market garden scraps. They generally enjoy making pigs of themselves.
  6. Sausage Ingredients: Pork 72%, Sea Salt, Organic Potato Starch, Organic Ground Ginger, Organic Ground Cracked Black Pepper, Organic Ground Nutmeg, Organic Ground Coriander.
  7. Payment details will be arranged by the email you have submitted during this booking order.
  8. Orders are collected from Jubilee Farm.

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