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Care Farming


Our care farming services focus on human health and wellbeing, notably the many benefits – physical, mental, social and spiritual – that come from working with animals, plants, soil and other people.

We offer a range of activities with small supervised groups of up to 3 individuals, or with larger groups of up to 15 people, with group leaders providing the necessary supervision while we provide the activities.  A perfect opportunity for team-building too, in idyllic and accessible surroundings.

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Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)


Through our CSA activities we aim to provide good, affordable food in the form of free range pork (from January 2018), seasonal ecological (produced under organic principles but not certification) vegetables and free range eggs (from spring 2019). This will involve households purchasing a subscription to the farm and also contributing a small amount of labour each month.  In this way, we hope to cultivate community, develop the first CSA scheme in Northern Ireland, and help put culture back into agriculture.

Between February and June 2018 we ran a pig club as our pilot CSA project, in which members received a quarter pig for the freezer – in various cuts and joints.  Our native breed pork is humane, healthy, sustainable and fair, without the pollution, farrowing crates, antibiotic overuse and soya-from-what-was-the-Amazon-rainforest, that characterises industrial pig production.

You can read our pig club newsletters here and here.

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Conservation Education and Engagement


We provide dynamic and inspiring agricultural and environmental learning sessions for individuals, families, schools, churches and community groups from spring 2018.   We can cater for all levels of formal education, from pre- and primary school to post-graduate and professional.

From January 2018 we’re also available to come to you and speak at services, seminars, conferences and other events on a wide range of agricultural and environmental topics and themes.

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