Share Offer

Share Offer


Each share has a nominal value of £1. The minimum investment is 50 shares at £50 and the maximum investment is 20,000 shares at £20,000. Our online payment system can only accept multiples of £50. If you would prefer to invest a custom amount please contact us at

Jubilee will issue share certificates within three months of closing the share offer.

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All Members should regard these shares a long-term investment. They may apply to a minimum of 50 to a maximum of 20,000 shares at £1.00 each, payable in full on application. Anyone aged 16 or above can invest. Organisations, clubs or companies can invest, too.

Successful applicants will receive share certificates and their details, including their shareholding, will be recorded in a share register to be kept by the Society. Each person or organisation issued with shares becomes a member of the Society.

Each Member, regardless of the number of shares held, becomes an equal Member of the Society on a ‘one member, one vote’ basis – not ‘one share, one vote’. Each member will also have the right to stand for election to the Board.

In order to enable Jubilee to grow and develop its business plans, members will only be able to apply to withdraw shares after 3 years of operations. After that period, in accordance with Rule 26, share withdrawals may be authorised at discretion of the Board and subject to financial performance and available funds.

The Society aspires to pay interest on Members’ share capital in the future, subject to available profit and the performance of the Society. This will be decided at the Annual General Meeting each year.

Members are also entitled to: 

  • 5% discount on VegBoxes OR the Pig Club for one year, open to those investing in this share offer only.
  • Have name on a “Founder Members’ Ribbon” that will be tied to the branch of the “Members’ Tree” at Jubilee Farm on the first Members’ day.
  • Invitation to quarterly Members’ days, during which Members are invited to take part in guided farm walks and participation in seasonal farm tasks.
  • Free Monthly Jubilee Farm E-Newsletter to keep you updated with Jubilee Farm news, activities, and developments.
  • Volunteering and Internship Opportunities.
  • Opportunity to attend and participate in our AGM.